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Artemis Fowl online subtitrat. Artemis este un geniu de numai 12 ani, milionar şi parte a unei familii de infractori celebri. Dispariţia neobişnuită a tatălui său îl forţează să pătrundă într-o lume misterioasă, plină de zâne, spiriduşi şi magie, ce-i testează limitele – îl aruncă în situaţii din ce în ce mai periculoase, cu răsturnări la tot pasul… Şi totul porneşte de la un plan năstruşnic: răpirea unei zâne. Însă cea în cauză este chiar căpitanul Holly Short din Divizia de elită a Poliţiei Elementelor Subterane, iar îndrăzneţul Artemis habar nu are în ce se bagă.

Artemis Fowl was supposed to be Disney’s “Harry Potter,” the kick-off installment in a young-adult fantasy franchise that might have spawned sequels and merch and its own corner of the company’s theme-park kingdom. Instead, it arrives 20 years on, a very late addition to an already overcrowded genre, adding little but noise, garish CGI and more convoluted mythology about the supposedly real civilizations of magical folk — fairies and goblins and trolls — that live among us. Better films have tried and failed to launch hit series, which suggests that Artemis Fowl should have taken a lesson from such unwieldy one-offs as “The Golden Compass,” “Ender’s Game” and “The Last Airbender”: Don’t count your chickens before they’ve flopped. Artemis Fowl online subtitrat

First optioned (by Miramax, while Eoin Colfer’s novel was still in galleys) in 2000, Artemis Fowl was finally shot in 2018 (by Kenneth Branagh, clearly overwhelmed) and delayed multiple times before being dumped onto the Disney Plus streaming service (by a studio with bigger franchises to focus on). Somewhere along the film’s long development, those involved saw fit to ignore the very thing that makes Artemis Fowl, transforming the prepubescent scoundrel into a smug, smarter-than-thou little brat — a baby Bruce Wayne reared in what appears to be one of Ireland’s poshest estates. Artemis Fowl online subtitrat

Everybody knows (and by “everybody,” I mean the best-selling series’ many readers, most of whom have long since aged out of the demographic for this movie) that Artemis Fowl is a “12-year-old criminal mastermind.” But Disney has seen fit to turn the infamous young antihero into a precocious do-gooder, scrubbing the character of precisely the elements that made him so intriguing: Just think of the brilliantly villainous schemes you could pull off if you started planning before getting your first pimple! Artemis Fowl online subtitrat

But no. It’s as if the studio had given the makers of “Despicable Me” notes, saying, “We love it! But does he have to be despicable? What if Gru’s just a guy with a lair and a lot of cool toys?” Sure, this is Disney we’re talking about, and it has a family-friendly reputation to uphold, but who wants to see another retread of the “magic is real” genre with some spoiled twit as your main character?

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